Uplift Design specialises in modern creative Website Design Services. Since 1997 we have worked with individuals in business who are out to make a difference.

Vibodha Clark

Website Designer, Web Developer, SEO, Marketing, Online Advertising & Social Media

Vibodha has been a website designer since 1997.  He studied in Silicon Valley, when the internet was just moving into the public domain.  It was a new realm, a new way of working and he began matching this new language (html) with his passion for visual creativity.  With a background in art education (Bs.Art & Bs.Ed.) his ability to convert a clients idea into a beautiful website is apparent. 

Tila Clark

Sales Training, Business Consulting, Administration, Accounts, Appointments

Tila's experience spans sales, mangagement, sales training, publishing and advertising since 1986.  Tila helps budding authors to write their books quickly and simply using a highly effective writing process. She also trained as a one of the World's first Journey Therapists in 1999 and began on her own spiritual path.   Tila handles accounts and appointments for Uplift Design.


First hand knowledge and experience are invaluable:

As well as helping others to create successful business websites Tila Clark runs several of her own highly-successful websites including: www.iPadFamily.com.au, www.RainbowCoast.com.au, www.FremantleWesternAustralia.com.au, www.DenmarkWesternAustralia, www.DenmarkWineRegion.com.au,

These successful websites, of our own, are at the top of the search engine rankings and are generating income. Not all web-developers are actively developing their own sites.


We design websites for:

Accommodation Providers
Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Practitioners
Animal Healers
Artists & Musicians
Body Artists
Bodyworkers & Massage Therapists
Camps & Retreats
Children's Products
Colon Hydrotherapists
Complementary Therapists
Conscious Products
Conscious Tourism Providers
Crystal Therapists
Dancers & Dance Troupes
Eco-Friendly Businesses
Eyecare & Dental Professionals
Feng Shui Consultants
Fine Artists
Foundations & Institutes
Health & Beauty Therapists
Health Clinics
Holistic Health Centres
Intuitive Healers
Journey Therapists
Natural & Organic Products
Natural Therapists
Organic Garden Supplies
Performing Artists
Psychics & Mediums
Psychologists & Counsellors
Public Speakers
Raw Food Experts
Reiki Practitioners
Vineyards & Estates
Workshops & Retreats
Writers & Authors
Yoga Teachers

We're committed to making a difference in the most visited place in the world... the internet!

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The Dragonfly:

A creature of the wind, the dragonfly represents courage; change; good luck; prosperity; swiftness; purity; harmony & strength. Creatures of the water, they are messengers of the subconscious. Tribes of Native America see them as representations of swiftness, activity, & renewal. Uplift Design is aligned with those principles and seeks to expand positivity onto the internet.