Facebook for Businesses!

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Social Networking via great looking Facebook Pages

Facebook offers the greatest opportunity to share your business. Out of all the networks available this has proven to be the most effective and furthest reaching network around. 

Clients report a high-level of success when using Facebook as a promotional and connection-building tool. 

We have trained hundreds of people to use Facebook to their best advantage... from sharing healing advice to selling directly through Facebook App Tabs, we can help YOU to spread the word... easily through the most popular social network in the world... FACEBOOK. 

We will help you get started with a professional Facebook feed, show you how to set the security settings of your page, and will customise the look of your Facebook images to match the look and feel of your website.

The most effective facebook pages are well designed and visually engaging

Why use Facebook to support your business?

  • Half of all Facebook users log on every day
  • There are over 1,110,000,000 Facebook users
  • 200,000,000 users of Facebook use their mobile devices
  • Women are 4 times more active on Facebook than men
  • 30,600,000 comments are posted to Facebook every hour
  • The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is the 45 to 54 year age bracket
  • One person’s Facebook use for all of 2012 had the same carbon impact as about three bananas, just as it did in 2011. Or a few glasses of wine. Or a latte.


Are you experiencing Facebook Aversion?

"the inclination to avoid joining Facebook for as long as possible"

Don't worry! We have 'counselled' dozens of clients through what we call 'Facebook Aversion', or the inclination to avoid anything to do with Facebook.

This is natural and happens to many people (ourselves included, long ago) however once you discover the power of Facebook's social networking for your business you will never look back! One client went from Facebook-doubt to creating a highly successful social networking presence, stopping all of their terrestrial advertising, in just twelve months after only 2 social networking sessions with Vibodha:


Social networking through Facebook works. 

It increases traffic to your website, allows happy clients to share their experience of you with their friends and enables you to reach-out on a regular basis to your followers.

"I've become a fan of Facebook just in the last 20 minutes of speaking with you. Great training, thanks Vibodha!"

~ Jean-Pierre Menage

About this training: Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages

This 2 hour tutorial will get your started with a professional Facebook Page for your business, set the security settings of your Page, make successful text and image posts, and get you familiar with Facebook as a business tool. You will also learn the techniques which will grow your Fan base and bring customers to you.

2 hrs - $360


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