Social Networking Works! We can show you how to master any Social Network in only 1½ hours or we can manage your social network for you - and get results!

Listen to Vibodha explain Social Networking for Small Businesses & Which one to start with! - click play below...

OPTION 1: Learn easy, effective, sustainable,  social networking practices!

We are Social Network Training Experts

We have trained hundreds of people to use Social Networking to their best advantage... from sharing advice to marketing directly through social channels, we already help these clients spread the word... easily, by using our sustainable social networking techniques.

We offer social network training on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Google Plus. 

Our first recommendation is to create a Facebook Page for your business with a growing fan-base.

Contact us now if you're interested in this option. 1.5hr Session = $300

OPTION 2: Social Network Management = Hire us as your professional Social Networking Team

We produce results!

We offer several monthly programs for managing client's social networks. We produce high-quality posts including photos, linkbacks and image memes. We usually guarantee fan-base growth and report our results monthly. You will be able to see the results for yourself as your fan-base and social-sharing and interatction increase.

This program is available to Uplift Design clients, and there are specific goals for clients with less than 1000 fans, clients with less than 10,000 fans, and clients over the 10k mark. Contact us and let us show you how we can continue to support your web-presence by growing your business' Facebook Page. Contact us today or click here to find out more.


How can YOU succeed through effective Social Networking?

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