This type of website includes:

  • Up to 15 pages of content
  • Content Management System & Customer Database
  • Analytics for Tracking Results
  • Up to 2 webforms

Proactive Sites

Clients wishing to have control over their site's content including adding articles, blogs, photos or news. Proactive sites have a customer database which stores the contact details of clients who interact with your website - you can even add your existing clients to this system.

Samples from our Portfolio:

Proactive Websites are designed to give you control and autonomy

Content Management Systems (which the industry shortens to CMS) are becoming very popular as people are embracing technology and wish to have administrative control over the content of their website.  This means you can update it when you wish from any computer around the world.

The websites we design are fully-responsive and mobile friendly. 

All of our Proactive Websites include:

CMS are more than promotional websites in that they are directly editable and tend to be more dynamic - changing with your business on a regular basis. These websites include fully integrated Content Management Systems for managing the content of your pages as well as Articles, Blogs, Galleries or Calendars of Events. We also develop custom solutions for inputting and displaying unique information in an easy way including FAQs, Reviews or Staff profiles.

Proactive Websites can be customised to your individual requirements, making it easy for you to add content to your website without having to spend lots of time mastering the technology that goes on behind it.

Manage your online business - with the power to influence your results

All of our Proactive Websites include:

  • a Customer Relationship Management system, allowing you to track every interaction your customers have with your website.
  • an Analytics dashboard for accurate visitor tracking and reporting.
  • eMail Marketing system (send up to 10,000 eMails per month) including personalised automated eMail campaigns to specific customer groups.
  • Web forms for automated eMail contact with optional auto-responders.


The Proactive Website Design Process:

We work together with you LIVE over the telephone and internet to co-creatively design the way your website looks, feels and works... all from the comfort of your own home or office. You are involved in the process and are fully empowered to make creative choices.  This co-creative process produces amazing results every time and usually Proactive Websites are completed within 2 weeks of starting the process. 

Reasons for having a Proactive Website:

  • updating your website's content on any page of your site, yourself!
  • adding a range of articles or media.
  • displaying items in catalogues (courses, data, products without online shopping).
  • photo galleries and portfolios for photographers/artists etc.
  • blogging.
  • keeping track of your customers in one easy system (CRM)
  • for-sale listings.
  • eMail Marketing.
  • Social Media integration (like buttons, tweet buttons, pinterest buttons).

Ongoing Costs:

There are 2 ongoing costs associated with this type of website. Your Domain Name (web address) and Website Hosting Space. We assist clients to register Domain Names and we will already have Hosting Space that is fully compatible with your website's features ready prior to launch. Average costs for Domain Names are $88 every 2 years for a .COM.AU domain, and between $46 and $88 per month for website hosting depending on what features you require in your back-end system. Typical cost is $66 per month (or 1 year disc 10%.)

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Types of Websites Available from Uplift Design: