This type of website includes:

  • eCommerce Online Shop or Volume Page Creation System
  • Sell Online Digital Goods, Services or Physical Products
  • Customer Relations Database
  • eMail Marketing (eMail Newsletter System)

Profit Centered Site

Selling Digital or Physical products, event registrations or private-access sections depending on which type of system you require.

Samples from our Portfolio:

eCommerce websites are fully functional online website businesses with an expandable, easy to manage system to keep them running smoothly.

These online business websites are designed to be highly profitable, productive, proactive and interactive. With our eCommerce websites we can create an unlimited number of products, organise and display them in catalogues and categories, cross-sell, and even sell downloadable eProducts.

The eCommerce websites we design are fully-responsive and mobile friendly

Every customer who interacts with your eCommerce website has their details automatically captured into an integrated CRM (Customer Relations Management) system.This system will keep a history of customer orders and actions, run loyalty programs based on segmented customer lists, or allow you to link targeted Email Marketing campaigns to these specific customers.

"Our hosted easy-to-use system is designed to meet your specific business needs - allowing you to focus on achieving your goals - not mastering the technology that goes on behind it."

In fact, once your website is complete, in as little as six hours you will be updating the content of your website and managing your shopping cart - adding and managing products - and know how to send eMail marketing campaigns with ease!

Sell physical or digital products

With our eCommerce websites you can add virtually an unlimited number of products, organise and display them in catalogues and categories, cross-sell, and even sell downloadable eProducts like eBooks, MP3s and digital files.

Shipping integration with Australia Post allows you to cater to a global market without having to calculate postage. Alternatively, offer your customers a range of payment options customised to their country of origin. Use a range of eCommerce Gateways for seamless shopping (additional fees to your Bank and eCommerce Gateway apply) or use PayPal Standard for an inexpensive, non-seamless (but VERY effective) checkout experience.

Designing your Profit Centred or eCommerce System

Designing eCommerce websites begins with the same process which we have found to be so successful: designing your website live, together with you on the telephone and internet.  With a clear plan and a clearly defined process we will get your new eCommerce website looking the way you want it, and working within the time we have set aside for completing your new online business (usually between 2 and 3 weeks).

Learn to manage your online business yourself

As your website nears completion, our three specially tailored tutorial sessions empower you to take control of your website's content as well as the shopping cart eCommerce features of your new site. All of our eCommerce packages come with an integrated Content Management and Customer Relations Management systems for updating your site and keeping track of your customers.

eCommerce Features

  • Main Features of eCommerce

    • Sell real products or e-Products
    • Give individualized discounts to any customer for any catalogue
    • Integrated customer database that grows as customers buy or interact with your online shop
    • Sophisticated ready-to-go reporting, no need to add any code to your web pagesSell Gift Vouchers
  • Integrated Customer Database

    • Keep a history of all past customer purchases
    • Give loyal customers individualised discounts. You can apply a different discount for every catalogue and every customer
  • Catalogues & Products

    • Set Release and Expiry on any Catalogue or Product
    • Sell e-Products. Limit how many times and where they can be downloaded from
    • Set product weight / volume for any product to control the shipping options that are displayed
  • eCommerce Reporting

    • Sophisticated e-commerce reporting framework
    • Track abandon rates and where customers abandon in online shop
    • Report on top Catalogues and Products. By amount or quantity sold
    • Report on Shipping Options and popularity, Report on Discount Codes and redemption
  • Upsell, Cross sell and Product Grouping

    • Group similar products together, e.g. By size or by color, Small Shirt, Medium Shirt, Large Shirt
    • Increase sales using Cross/Upsell by relating products together. E.g. crystals & crystal jewellery 
  • Gift Vouchers

    • Create any number of Gift Vouchers with any dollar value
    • Gift Vouchers can be redeemed to buy products in your online shop
  • Payment Gateways

    • Integrated with popular payment gateways throughout the world
    • Offer PayPal as a separate payment gateway
  • Discount Codes

    • Create any number of discount codes
    • Set your own discount rates
    • Set release and expiry of discount codes
  • Shipping Options

    • Set minimum and maximum weight and volume restrictions for any shipping option
    • Apply tax code/rate to any shipping option
    • Integrated with Australia Post for real-time shipping charge calculation

Ongoing Costs:

There are 2 ongoing costs associated with an eCommerce or Profit Centered website: Your Domain Name (web address) and Website Hosting Space. We assist clients to register Domain Names and we will already have Hosting Space that is fully compatible with your website's features ready prior to launch.

Average costs for Domain Names are $88 every 2 years for a .COM.AU domain, and between $66 and $77 per month for website hosting depending on what features you require in your eCommerce back-end system.

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Types of Websites Available from Uplift Design: