This type of website includes:

  • 8 Core Pages +
  • A Custom professional website design matching your business' brand and image
  • 1 or 2 Contact Submission Forms
  • Your text, photos and images inserted & typeset

Promotional Sites

Ideal for startup-businesses or businesses new to having an online presence. Most suitable for businesses who do not need to make a lot of changes to their website regularly.

Samples from our Portfolio:

Promotional Websites are interactive online brochures for sharing essential information

These sites are easy to maintain, and are the most common type of website on the internet. The websites we design are fully-responsive and mobile friendly. 

Be found, online

Having a website gives your customers peace of mind. Your services are displayed for everyone to see, and potential clients can visit your website for more information, prices or details about your service and products. All this is good.  Usually our clients can be found on Google within a short time of launching. This gives you a great groundwork for the future. 


Visitors can access your information at their own convenience, anytime of day or night. A Promotional Website is also convenient to maintain. It is a good way to gain the experience of having an online presence. Combined with basic Social Networking you can begin to spread the word about your service; your website being your online reference point.

Why choose us:

  • 9 Hours to Design a Promotional Website
  • Together, in 3 easy telephone sessions we will create a beautiful, effective promotional website for your business. 
  • We design your website WITH you, every step of the way because we know that YOU are the best one to know when your website reflects your business.

3 live sessions 

We work together with you LIVE over the telephone and internet to co-creatively design the way your website looks, feels and works... We will make live changes to your site which you can see, all from the comfort of your own home or office.

View our portfolio for examples.

Custom designed to support your business

Website Design Sessions are timed-sessions based on designing a 10 to 12 page website. You will receive documents by email to assist you to prepare for each session in advance. You will choose how long you will need in between your sessions to prepare yourself for your next session, which adds to the success and productivity of our time together.

Updating Promotional Websites

Our usual Promotional Website come with a Content Management System, although that is optional.

A CMS system requires a hosting plan which on average is $42 a month. 

Uplift Design is also available for telephone appointments to update your Promotional Website with you at our hourly rate. Updating your website with us ensures that you get all the changes/updates made quickly and accurately, and we bill you for the time we're in-session. 

Using Uplift Design to update your site brings with it our many years of experience and advice which includes excellent suggestions based on your changing focus and direction. We recommend that you update your website at least twice a year, however we will design your website with the plan it to be self-sustaining for at least six months.

I want to update my website myself!!

If you know you want to be growing your website and adding regular content, please visit our Proactive, Content Management System Website as this is more likely the type of website for you. 

Why update your website?

It is important to keep your website updated and your content current. Just like planting a tree and taking the time to feed, water and prune it - your website should be maintained every few months (or at least once a year) to keep it growing healthy and strong. 

Ongoing Costs:

There are 2 ongoing costs associated with this type of website. Your Domain Name (web address) and Website Hosting Space. We assist clients to register Domain Names and acquire Hosting Space that is fully compatible with your website's features. Average costs for Domain Names are $88 every 2 years for a .COM.AU domain, and $155 - $450 a year for website hosting depending on your hosting choices.

Discuss your requirements during a free 30 minute telephone assesment

During our initial conversation we will uncover the requirements for a website that works for your business. Vibodha (vee-bow-da), our highly experienced web developer, webdesigner, and social media expert will discuss the best options for creating an effective web presence, quickly and efficiently. Call (08) 9848 3058

Contact us by eMail or telephone (08) 9848 3058 for a free initial consultation.

Types of Websites Available from Uplift Design: