This type of website includes:

  • Standard Design
  • Customised Fonts
  • Custom Colours
  • Logo Placement

Responsive Website Design

Visiting a standard-width site on your phone can sometimes make it difficult to read. Make your site RESPONSIVE and you're optimising it for mobile phone users.

Samples from our Portfolio:

What is fully-responsive website?

Listen to Vibodha explain the Difference between Mobile Friendly & Responsive Design - click play below...

Responsive Websites adapt to the size of the viewers screen, transforming from wide-screen desktop designs down to mini-screen mobile device design automatically.

In other words; your website 'responds' to the size of the screen your visitor has, and adapts to suit their device. Larger fonts, condensed menu buttons, Large fonts, no pinching-and-zooming to read the text, clear photographs.   Large fonts, no pinching-and-zooming to read the text and full clear photographs.

((Visit this same webpage on your mobile phone to see what we mean!))

That's why Google recommends responsive design for smartphone websites. 

When you visit a website on your Phone, users appreciate the website owner's choice to make their website responsive. It looks great and it is EASY to use. 

All of our Responsive Websites pass the Google Mobile Friendly Test...

Ongoing Costs:

The only ongoing costs involved in running a Responsive site are your website hosting and domain name renewals which are paid to your Hosting provider and Domain Name Registrar. We do not charge any ongoing fee. If you require our assistance we are available at our standard hourly rate. Clients can book any appointment time by contacting us on (08) 9848 3058

Discuss your requirements during a free 30 minute telephone assesment

During our initial conversation we will uncover the requirements for a website that works for your business. Vibodha (vee-bow-da), our highly experienced web developer, webdesigner, and social media expert will discuss the best options for creating an effective web presence, quickly and efficiently. Call (08) 9848 3058

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