This type of website includes:

  • Custom design
  • Content & Photographs
  • From 12 to 15 pages
  • Webforms


Ideal for people looking to reinvigorate their website or those wanting to design with someone who speaks the language of spirituality and creativity.

Samples from our Portfolio:

We understand that you must love the look of your website and ensure it reflects your business!

In order to ensure we get it right, we work together with you LIVE over the telephone and internet to co-creatively design the way your new website looks, feels and works... all from the comfort of your own home or office. 

You may have an existing website that:

  • does not work as effectively as you would like.
  • has become outdated 
  • does not reflect your business
  • cannot be easily updated

We help by redefining your business and website goals with you, and together using our unique LIVE Design process we re-design and launch your NEW website. 

All of the websites we design are fully-responsive and mobile friendly. 

Choose from three types of websites

We can design the type of site that not only LOOKS good, but works to generate customers to your business. Simply choose the best option for you...

Ongoing Costs:

There are 2 ongoing costs associated with every type of website. Your Domain Name (web address) and Website Hosting Space. We assist clients to register Domain Names and acquire Hosting Space that is fully compatible with your website's features. Average costs for Domain Names are $88 every 2 years for a .COM.AU domain, and from $150 a year to $800 a year for website hosting depending on which type of website you choose to design.

Discuss your requirements during a free 30 minute telephone assesment

During our initial conversation we will uncover the requirements for a website that works for your business. Vibodha (vee-bow-da), our highly experienced web developer, webdesigner, and social media expert will discuss the best options for creating an effective web presence, quickly and efficiently. Call (08) 9848 3058

Contact us by eMail or telephone (08) 9848 3058 for a free initial consultation.

Types of Websites Available from Uplift Design: