We build websites that set the standard:

Professional, Efficient and Workable

Uplift Design has been providing high-quality holistic website design for small and medium sized businesses in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and UK since 1997.

Our portfolio is filled with examples of our work, including manysites of practitioners in the healing, creative and performing arts.

We know how to design amazing websites, AND how to design them to reflect your business goals!

We Walk our Talk

We are not JUST website designers. We also run 18 of our own highly-successful business websites, many of which are profit-making (profit-centered) and all of which are highly successful in their niche.

We're DOING what you're looking to do. Have a web presence that works for you! We have many and they're all working for us.

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Why use Uplift Design?

The Process:

Because of our exclusive LIVE design process we are able to get web designs right every time, in a fast and effective way. We co-create your website live on the telephone, with you sitting comfortably in your own home or office. Just our method along aves everyone time, money, energy as well as fossil fuel. :)


We have enjoyed helping hundreds of small and medium sized busineses express themselves to the world since 1997.  We have worked online since the start of the internet, watching it evolve into an essential information tool for everyone.

We have guided people from the start, helping them create and maintain their now thriving online presence!


We have over 200 hundred pleased customers, who have websites on the internet, primarily from Australia, but also in the UK, USA and New Zealand. Read our Testimonials. You can view our current portfolio to see the broad range of people we have assisted over the years.

A working portfolio of websites

As we mentioned, we have 18 of our own successful websites, many of which generate income. They are all well ranked, and have thousands of visitors every month.  These include several highly-travelled online travel guides, technical and review-based iPad guides, a website for Durians, and several other personal and business websites.

We are putting into practice the same techniques you will want to employ to sustain a healthy, growing website. We can show you how to do it sustainably.

We're making a difference to the most visited place in the world... the internet!

Read a few Client Testimonials

We are also Educators:

Both Tila and Vibodha are highly trained trainers, course leaders and professional educators. One of the most comments we receive about Vibodha is how clearly people understand him and how he effortlessly turns web jargon into a language you can understand. He has been a public speaker and presenter since 2000 and trains you quickly and efficiently over the phone.

Tila was the Sales Training Manager for the largest independant directly publishing company in the world, based in London. She is a highly valuable asset when considering the sales volumes and projected revenues in all aspects of your business. Together they make up Uplift Design.