HTTPS? Certificates? Security? What?!!?

As of JULY 2018, Google has changed the way it displays websites in Chrome. Sites that are not using SSL will be displayed as NOT SECURE (and basically will be freaking your visitors out.) Google is pushing us all towards a more SECURE INTERNET which helps protect everyone from the unscrupulous.

WATCH THE VIDEO below to get a better understanding of it all. The video above is for CLIENTS WHO HAVE WORKED WITH VIBODHA, who will have an understanding of how their website works, and will know the importance of this new security issue.

Video: What's the URGENT change?

Vibodha will give you the 7 minute overview of this important change to the web which will impact your website's reputation and ensure ongoing positive Search Engine Optimisation... (click PLAY)

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Why is this happening?

The web has always been "insecure" unless you required a specific HTTPS connection (internet banking, ecommerce shops, etc.) to run your website. MOST SITES had no need to use HTTPS before, therefore they did not.

AS OF JULY 2018:

  • 1) Google will be showing WARNING messages to all sites using only HTTP://
  • 2) Your website will LOOK less safe to visitors
  • 3) Remember, this change is not due to ANYTHING ON YOUR PART

Do I have to get a certificate?

No, you don't have to secure your website. If you run a standard website, blog, news site or informational resource you do NOT need to move to SSL for any other reason than Google's push.

If you are not responsible for taking any sensitive data (Credit Card Info, Birth Dates, Personal Info) you are not required to use HTTPS to serve your site.

HOWEVER, you are likely to lose the trust of your visitors when they see an SITE NOT SECURE warning.

Our recommendation is to upgrade.


Shared Certificates: $185 per year + installation

This option is available to clients of Uplift Design, as we will be the administrator of your shared certificate. Though shared, these certificates are fully secure.

The downside of this type of certificate is that we rely on THIRD PARTIES to ensure the integrity and security of your website. Though we administer and manage your certificate, which means we will be aware of any downtime and do our utmost to get your site up again, we are not responsible for any downtime by these third parties.

Shared Certificate method ($185, yearly), plus 1 hour integration, ($205, one-off payment). 

Your Own Certificate: $285 per year + installation

For certain clients who host on the higher-level hosting platforms, you can get your own Certificate issued to your domain name. This Certificate is connected and updated throughout the year to new, updated certificates. This fee is for that upkeep.

This option requires 1 hour installation ($205, one-off payment) plus the cost of your unique Certificate ($285, yearly). You can add them to your cart and check out, if you're a client, and you're ready.

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