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After years of providing these services for FREE, from July 1st 2020 we are implementing an Admin Retainer Fee to retain our agency to manage specific areas of your online presence. 

This is an annual fee for Admin Access for your website and/or specified online profiles, tools and accounts and associated password and data storage.  

This also gets you access to the agency's suite of services to forward your business success.

Admin Retainer Structure

Things we have been administering for your business may include: 

Website Admin

Accessing, managing & updating your website’s source-files in order to monitor your website, perform important updates, and update your website swiftly; this is likely to include admin-level access for your website's
back-end (dashboard).

Social Media Manager

Managing Online Profiles such as:
Facebook Business Page Admin, Instagram Admin, Managing a Google Profile including Google My Business/Google Maps, Google Search Console and Google YouTube.

Developer Level Tools 

Developer-Level Tools such as:
 Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, CloudFlare, SoundCloud, Facebook Developer App/Page Tab, Stripe and MailChimp, custom accounts like WPForms or WisePops, etc.

Statistical Analyst

Google Analytics, Dashboard Statistics, Traffic Analysis, Success Monitoring

Advertising Manager

Advertising Accounts such as: 
 Facebook Ads Manager and Google AdWords.

With the exponential growth of the internet and the rise in importance of Social Media for your business, now more than ever, it is important to have support in maintaining your web presence and protecting your online reputation, social media security and monitoring your online services.


Our redesigned agency includes some of the brightest, most talented and experienced online presence cross-platform developers. 
Vibodha Clark, CEO

From 2000 to 2020...

Vibodha at Uplift Design has been maintaining systems for your business which include Website Administration Access, Website Manager, Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Data Backup and Storage and Payment and Security services.

We have been administering these systems since you became a client of Uplift Design.  The administration of the connected services was essential for your systems to stay running, and was required for any work we completed for you. 

2020 Onward...

Monitoring your systems in the past was necessary, and we were happy to do that as a courtesy to our clients, however with the number of systems required to keep an active online presence increasing, plus the specificity of the types of ongoing service monitoring or updates required, is completely unsustainable. 

Paying an agency retainer ensures we can monitor and administer your systems effectively and efficiently, while you can relax knowing these services are being monitored on your behalf. 
From July 1st 2020 our agency will charge for website and/or marketing file storage, website administration access (keeping login details accessible), service monitoring and maintenance and administration of platforms and systems.
If you would like to remove Uplift Design as an Admin on any or all of your accounts, that’s fine, we are not offended by being removed as an Admin. HOWEVER, once you remove us as an admin, it will not be possible for us to assist you at the same level as we currently do within that account. If we are the only admin on the account, and data associated with that account will be permanently deleted. Details of how to remove us are given below.
Uplift Design is a specialist web design, ecommerce, social media, marketing and online advertising agency based in Denmark, Western Australia.  Consultations by request.

Since 1997, we've been making a difference to businesses of all sizes in the most visited place in the world: the internet.
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