About Uplift Design

The Uplift Design Pty Ltd is a very experienced, highly influential website development, search engine optimisation, digital advertising and online marketing agency.  Our team is at the forefront of every new development in the Net, navigating the ever-changing digital landscape, contributing to the continued success of our clients worldwide.
Uplift Design Agency

Meet the Team

Our agency has full time team members covering all possible digital marketing, advertising and technical solutions. Clients who retain Uplift Design as a marketing, advertising or technical administration also qualify for our agency-only discounted rate on specific services.

Vibodha (Vee-bow-da) Clark, CEO

Website Designer, Web Developer, Online Strategist, SEO Expert, Digital Advertising & Social Media Specialist

Vibodha has been a website designer since 1997. He trained in Silicon Valley, the global centre for high technology, when the internet was just moving into the public domain.

With decades of experience in website design, social media and online advertising, his knowledge and practical skills have assisted his clients to achieve unprecedented successes. 

His empowerment-style training and strategic advice have helped clients reach their business' goals through the proper combination of tools leading to a successful and profitable online-presence.


Junior Web Developer, Social Media Manager, Video Editor and Technical Support
Our agency's newest member, Devon has proved himself adept at data migration, social media management and WordPress management for clients throughout Australia.

TILA (Tee-la)

Business Strategy and Sales Analysis, Senior Account Manager
Tila's expertise in website development is a benefit to every client. Her top-ranked websites regularly out-perform corporate and government funded websites in her market. Her incredible sales-oriented approach produces incredible insights, leading to amazing results.  Want to write a book?  Tila can coach you through it in ONE WEEK. Get in touch for more information.

Each year Uplift Design takes on few new clients and continues to work progressively with them to achieve online success with their websites, online stores, event promotion, social media and online advertising... utilising all the tools available to increase their profitability and enhance their web presence. 

We are in Denmark, Western Australia

We see ALL of our clients over the telephone and online (at the same time).
TEL: (08) 9848 3058
Denmark, Western Australia is located on the South Coast of Western Australia, on the Rainbow Coast. It's an amazing place to live, facing the south pole, among the native karri and tingle trees with sublime beaches and beautiful coastline!

However, we only see clients in the virtual world, meeting via telephone and the web, ensuring the end-results goes as planned. 

The internet is virtual and global, so remember we're physically +8 GMT (8 hours ahead of London) year round if you intend to call. 
Uplift Design is a specialist web design, ecommerce, social media, marketing and online advertising agency based in Denmark, Western Australia.  Consultations by request.

Since 1997, we've been making a difference to businesses of all sizes in the most visited place in the world: the internet.
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